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If you have any questions, call us, email us, tweet us or simply scroll through the questions below. If you don’t find your answer, just call us, we would love to talk…that’s what we are here for.

[accordion title=”GENERAL: How do I place an order?”]

It’s usually best to just give us a quick call at (859) 429-1558 to discuss your order.

Although you can also fill out the order forms that are located under each product description.

And we like giving options, so feel free to send us an order request at info@mypersonalworks.ml.


[accordion title=”GENERAL: How do I pay for my order?”]

You can pay 3 different ways with Bloodline Products:

1.) Pay Your Invoice Online

2.) Pay over the phone

3.) Mail a check

****Note**** Once orders are paid in full we will then begin your custom order.

[accordion title=”GENERAL: If I have placed an order with you in the past, will you have me on file?”]

Yes. Once you place an order with us, we keep your design on file and will be able to get you an exact replica when you are ready to order next! Phew, isn’t that good to hear?

[accordion title=”SILKS: Do I have to register my silks?”]

If you are planning to race in New York you must register your silks with the New York Jockey Club.  They have very specific guidelines to follow.  Please be sure to contact them to make sure the design you want is available to register.

Click HERE to get started.

If you are not racing in New York you do not need to register your silks.

[accordion title=”BLINKERS: How do I know if I need cups, and if so what size?”]

It is best to defer to your trainer on this question.  The will know your horses needs and be able to guide you when ordering blinkers and whether you need cups or not.

[accordion title=”SADDLE TOWELS: Which size should I use?”]

It depends on what you will be using them for:

Everyday training, regular race, stakes race or a televised race

[accordion title=”FRAMED SILKS: What do you recommend for framed silks, glass or plexi?”]

We truly believe there is no bad choice here.  Read a quick overview of the 2 options so you can understand better HERE.

Definitely note that glass may break enroute.  Even though we pack extremely well, we have experienced glass shattering in transit.  This is an unfortunate thing and we do not replace the glass once it is shipped out.


[accordion title=”EQUINE THEMED DECOR: Are there any other products you offer?”]

We offer beautifully finished custom racing themed decor for events.  Some people use them at events like props, if you will.

It’s best to call us at (859) 429-1558 to discuss your needs in person.  Please note, we offer:

-full and mini replica or custom silks as decor or table centerpieces

-custom table linens

These items are all made custom to your event, theme, or racing colors and can be made with any company logo as well.

[accordion title=”FLAGS & BANNERS: What the heck is the difference between flags and banners anyway?”]

We were wondering the same thing…just kidding.

The main difference is in how the item hangs, see explanation:

A flag has metal rings on the fly end, the side that goes against the flagpole. It flies horizontally off a vertical flagpole. A banner has a sleeve instead of rings and usually hangs off a small wooded pole attached to a house or office building.

So depending on whether you are hanging this in your home, office, farm, school etc…the above will guide you so you will know how to plan.

[accordion title=”OUR PROCESS: What is sublimation?”]

The traditional cut-and-sew method for silks are created by sewing fabric panels of different colours together to create a finished silk design, then adding decorations through a variety of methods (e.g. embroidery, heat transfer, screen printing or tackle twill).
Sublimated silks are created by printing the entire garment design onto a single piece of fabric by merging the inks directly into the fabric’s fibres then cutting to size and sewing together.

We are pleased to offer this lighter weight, color fast product to our clients.

Check out this quick video to learn more. (Please note we do not experience printing irregularities because we print on reams of fabric instead of on finished products.)